Nano is about to fall asleep but San shakes her up to conclude their midnight discussion by establishing that those who are after Milo are from MSA. The next day MSA is in the news for capturing seventy percent of the Android market. San and Nano tell Milo to change the channel but he praises MSA because it is the representative Company of Korea and is actively involved in public welfare. He adds that they played an important role in popularizing Androids and that his sister’s lab collaborated with them on several projects. San hugs him and offers to show him something more fun than the news.

At school Milo thinks that June resembles the chicks he bought years ago a day before they died and his sister threw them out. He greets June who shyly reciprocates. Milo notices that June is browsing Androids in the MSA website and is awestruck by the prices. He finds it impressive that a High school student needs a Bodyguard Android. June is livid because Milo owns one too and states that although he doesn’t need one but his father insists otherwise. He gets upset after remembering that Sue called him a show off for having a Bodyguard Android. Milo’s friend interrupts and accuses him of being thoroughly spoilt because most people would kill to own one. Sue looks at them from across the room thinking that boys seem to get close effortlessly. Milo’s friend accepts June’s remonstrations that it is none of his business but goes on to flag dodgy Androids that are not Bodyguards. He gravely states that Androids should always be pretty. Milo thinks of San and Nano and blushes.

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