San grudingly notes that Nano has become comfortable around the house rather quickly as she watches her snore. Milo is happy about it and leaves for the library(after sharing an involuntary kiss with San) even though it is the weekend because the finals are near. 

At the MSA headquarters Chacha calls an old acquaintance who sarcastically asks why a bigshot like her called him. She quips that she would have asked if he was well but knew otherwise and wanted to share some news with him. He mocks her by saying that she must be getting old to have become so talkative but losses his composure when she mentions Nano and asks whether he knows about her whereabouts.

At home, Nano asks San why she hasn't been gauging eyeballs lately. San tells her that she did not notice any Androids stalking Milo except the security guard at his school but destroying him would ruin his school life. She is worried that there is not much she can do against a Compay like MSA. Nano suggests that it would be easiest to hand her over to them but is alarmed when San expresses alacrity to do so. Just then the door bell rings and Nano finds herself obliged to obey San's orders to answer it. She is shocked to find the person Chacha was speaking with earlier. He is petrified. 

Androids work in all fields and there is nothing they can not do except wanting to kill humans. However,  Nano is covered in blood and the man who came to see her is lying at her feet.

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