San had asked Nano to keep Milo engaged till morning so that she can clear the damage done to the living room. After Nano runs into Milo she is at a loss to find an excuse to do so. However, Milo makes things easier by telling her that he needed to speak with about something. He is convinced that she cares about him and takes her to a cafe(after expressing shock that Nano naively leads him to a shady hotel). He feels that Crimson Vine was saying the truth but if there was more he wants to hear it from Nano herself. Nano wonders if she should have just silenced Crimson Vine. Milo asks her about his sister's death.  She wonders what to tell him beacuse she blames the Nano List and herself. She remembers being uncomfortable at Dr. Ahn's orders to be a gift for Milo after confirming his identity and expresses shock after learning that would just be the three of them(including San) because the she intended to kill herself that day as she revolver.

In a flash back Dr. Maddie Ahn and Chacha are looking down through a glass barrier at a gathering of 1500 prisoners who are sentenced to death or life imprisonment for the preliminary test of the Nano List. Dr. Ahn is confiident of that it would take an 1.24 seconds for the Nano machines to identify the target material, disentegrate it and return to Nano but is present just for self satisfaction. As the countdown ends, the room is engulfed by a splash of blood.

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