Chapter 026 is the twenty-sixth chapter of Nano List.

Appearing CharactersEdit

Characters in bold & italics denote the character's first proper appearance.
Characters in only italics are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


In a flashback, San argues with Nano to impart weapon training to Milo. She wants him to have a normal life but believes that it is imperative for him to learn self defense.

San draws out a gun from her bag and lies that it is just a toy. After loading the magazine, Milo points the barrel to his face and wonders aloud that it looked like a real gun. San is startled and tells him never to do that(toy guns can hurt too). Milo aims for a pole and shoots successfully, reminding San that the Doctor was also a good shooter. She had hoped that unlike his sister, Milo would be average person; Maddie was young, beautiful and brilliant but she killed herself without a moment of hesitation. Milo panicks after examining the damage caused by his toy gun and San suggests that they run away.

Milo's friends are curious about the pretty Android who had come to visit him. He explains that San is a housemaid Android who raised him since he was little.(#mom zoned).

Soman enters Chacha's cabin but apologises when she realises that the Chairman is present as well. A moment ago, Chacha had smashed his head with a tablet.

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