Chapters Release Date Synopsis
Chapter 001 01 July 2016 Maddie Ahn had killed herself five years ago. In addition to her fortune, she had left a letter for Milo stating that he will receive a present on his seventeenth birthday. The day has come and the city is gripped in a series of brutal android murders. Nano arrives at midnight and introduces herself as Milo's birthday present.
Chapter 002 01 July 2016 Nano confirms Milo's identity and settles down in her new home. The next day, Milo accidentally breaks June's phone in class. June slaps him when tries to apologise repeatedly after school. Nano slaps June and gets into an altercation with Alpha. She overpowers him and tells June that she is not done with him.
Chapter 003 01 July 2016 Milo prevents Nano from harming June. Nano leads Milo to a desolate alley and assaults him. She stops when laser gun shoots out of Milo's back confirming Nano's verification regarding his identity. San is revealed to be responsible for the serial android murders in the city.
Chapter 004 01 July 2016


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